This is just my online studio space, where I do my independent  research and artistic development works through this platform. Thank you for dropping by this studio.

My live studios are located in Soho and Hackney Wick ]Performance Space[ (London, UK)

About Li E Chen

My arts practice is interdisciplinary and it includes installation,  performance, visual arts, dance, theatre, new media, digital design for performance, and art curatorial work. Over the last ten years, my work has examined concepts, forms and techniques from across the fine, performing and media arts.


My current work focuses on creating arts and performances that express a “nothingness” similar to being a state of deep sleep.  I use a diverse array of experimental approaches that include numberical art, digital and print archives, installations, gesture and movement, sound art, durational performance, interactive media, video, online artwork, performance in written, spoken and performed text, dramatic forms, scientific and mathematical and relational art forms.

Background and EDUCATION

My childhood

(photo on the left Li E Chen, I was around 5.)

Languages (English and Chinese: Cantonese/Mandarin/Chaozhou)

I live and work in London (UK)

I was born in Chaozhou, part of Guangdong province of China. My family moved to Shenzhen in early 80′s and I began my schooling there. Then we moved to Hong Kong in 1993. In 1997, I came to London to start my education almost all over again. I went to RUTC following a year of English learning and went into performance arts and business studies during my GCSE and A-Levels. I have developed strong interests in  literature, movement experiment and theory, especially with early influences from Samuel Beckett‘s ‘Waiting for Godot‘ and Merce Cunningham‘s choreographies.

I began to explore my performance practice during my studies in BA in Alternative Theatre Practice at the Central School of Speech and Drama from 2001-2004, where I had a great opportunity to do what I wanted to do and I started to integrate animation and digital arts with performance arts, and also during my studies in MA in Media Arts Philosophy at Greenwich University from 2005-2007. I received distinction awards for both degrees. During this time, I was inspired by many international theatre directors, choreographers, writers, live artists, opera directors, artist groups, contemporary philosophers, computer programmers and scientists.


My related works on “nothingness” include ‘’Ww, w, wwww, wwww, www…’ (a first solo dance theatre devised from visual arts and Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot’ 2000), ‘Folly Boring, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing’ (performance installation, 2002), ‘An artistic interpretation of Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land’ (was presented as part of the Freshworks, as a member of the Young Vic Genesis Directors Network, 2009), ‘A performance of 0, 0, 0, n+1’ and ‘What is your name?’ (Artist Residency at Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, 2009), and ‘1n2n3n4n5 and the last man on earth.’ (BAC Scratch Festival, 2009)

My artistic development has been supported by Manick Govinda (Artsadmin), Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester (PAD scheme and Whisper Residency programme), The Young Vic Directors Programme (Young Vic), Improbable’s Devoted & Disgruntled Monthly Open Space, and Sally Dean (Director of Sally E Dean Performing Arts company).

My artistic practice is influenced by the works of Robert Wilson, Tadeusz Kantor, Harold Pinter, Techching Hsieh, Kurt Gödel, Samuel Beckett,  Merce Cunningham, Robert LepageImprobable, William Forsythe, and Pina Bausch as well as many other writers,  philosophers, choreographers, live artists, visual artists, directors, and producers.

In 2009, I founded Jump+ 跳转加 to bring together new cutting edge cross-disciplinary artists and collaborations from the UK, Hong Kong, and mainland China. I have initiated two site-specific installation projects, “The Last Man On Earth” and “One Day at a Time“. From 2004-2007, I was one of the five emerging artists to take part in ‘Teamworks‘,  which was funded by National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) and organised by National Theatre, and was part of Art of Regeneration at The Albany, Depford. In 2008-09, I was part of the creative leadership training programme – ‘Step Change‘ (Cast Studies – National Theatre), supported by the National Theatre, Royal Opera House, Young Vic, BAC, and Cultural Leadership Programme, and had my secondments at Improbable Theatre and Performance Company and the Live Art Development Agency.


  1. My dream before I went to university: Being able to establish my own arts school/centre for experimental theatre and performance arts.
  2. My dream after I graduated: Wishing to form my own company and develop my own theory and practice with a group of interdisciplinary artists.
  3. My dream before I went to postgraduate study: Wanting to read and learn philosophy, new media arts, and theories.
  4. My dream after I completed my Masters programme: Wishing to communicate with people through using numerical series/binary structure in my arts work.
  5. My dream is not clear now, as it comes and goes and changes: For now, my dream is to work on ‘nothingness‘ that has been at the centre of my curiosity since I started to pursue her career in the arts.
  6. My “Dream of Trust” for creating greater arts


info@liechen.com | + 44 (0) 7946 420 467 | Twitter: 1212360 | Skype: Li E Chen


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