Li-E Chen




Li-E Chen is a London-based Chinese artist, whose artistic practice is interdisciplinary, and over the last ten years her work has examined forms, disciplines and concepts from across the fine, performing and media arts. She aims to create arts and performance that lie beyond the functional, political, traditional, historical, and representational, and that make no reference to self, memory, identity, or meaning.

Li-E Chen is currently participating in a “21st Century Leadership” where she is researching the role of “invisible” leadership, supported by Battersea Arts Centre, Watershed, and The Sage Gateshead (UK).

Chen’s recent works include “Cloud Clock Love”, “I am your anti-matter”, and forthcoming works include “One Year Durational Laboratory on ‘Nothing’, and “I declare – I am invisible now.”


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  1. Artworks by Li-E Chen

    ‘No records match this set of find requests’ 2011- 2014
    Undefined media

    ‘A space on ‘nothing” 2012-2013
    Undefined media, online

    ’1 year lab’ 2012-2013
    Undefined media

    ‘I am your anti-matter’ 2012
    Publication with other contributors

    ’24 Hours in Dreams’ 2012
    Undefined media

    ‘I declared, I am invisible now.’ 2012
    photography, performance

    ‘I am invisible now’ 2012
    forthcoming publication on the role of 21st Century Leadership

    ‘Nothing Political’ 2011-2012
    Undefined media

    ‘durational laboratory on ‘nothing’ 2011
    open space laboratory

    ‘I am your anti-matter’ 2011
    art t-shirt object

    ‘A structure of 3 on ‘nothing’ 2011
    pencil, rice paper, wood

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