Movana Chen

Knitting Conversation with Movana Chen

In 2009 Movana Chen started the project Travelling Into My Bookshelf by asking for donations of books. Li E Chen gave her sister the book Waiting For Godot  by Samuel Becket.

At the start of 2012 Movana sent Li a box containing the dismantled book, its shredded pages and the text she had begun knitting together.

The inside cover of the book contained annotation in the form of a waving line – used by Movana when reading – visually mirroring the pattern of the text when knitted.

“Knitting Conversation” is Movana Chen’s recent project, inviting people from all over the world to knit together and be part of her artwork that she is making through books, conversation and knitting, share stories/life of each individuals.

Li will now knit the remaining text from Waiting For Godot  by Samuel Becket, before returning it to her sister.

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