About artistic statement

It’s ‘nothing’ at the moment. I am interested in creating works that are not about specific “Things” and that are not absorbed by the mass-media markets and cultural attachments, instead going to toward simplicity and creating works of nothing/”nothing” or “nothingness” that still express the complex dynamics we experience in the contemporary world.

It can be confusing sometimes, even I prefer to work on ‘nothing’, ‘nothing’ becomes a ‘thing.’

What are the functions of movement and the moving body now, when there are nothing specific that you can see/hear?


About liechen

Li-E Chen's current research and artistic development projects are around 'nothing', 'anti-matter', 'no records match this set of find requests'.

One comment

  1. The function of movement and the moving body are beyond the functional purpose, which do not provide specific functions to the users/viewers. My view of architecture and moving body, they will require beyond functional and have a different understanding with speed and curve of an environment and how people are situated within the space.

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