Why do you want to make an object (or Art) come alive when it is also dead?

Date: 19th April 2011

Place: The People Show Studios E2 6NB

What: Improbable’s Monthly Devoted and Disgruntled

Devoted & Disgruntled: What are we going to do about Puppetry?

My Issue: Why do you want to make an object (or Art) come alive when it is also dead?


The outcome of my issue was raised in the group but wasn’t discussed in the evening, however, I am still very curious about this issue. Therefore, I decided to put this into an online check box questionnaire as part of an experiment of “I AM YOUR ANTI-MATTER” for anyone who want to share their answer or continuous the conversation.

In one of the group discussions, I was very fascinated by Penny Francis’ comments,  (if I recorded correctly), she said every object has its own life, puppeteers/artists discover life from the object. It is a journey that the artists/puppeteers discover life from the object and bring them into life. Her comment left me more curious about the life of an object (puppet/visual arts/sculpture/painting/play/poetry/dance/music/etc) and how the others who discovers their life of objects and what their journey of discovery are.

There was also another session I went to “What is a puppeteer?”, when the person called out the question, my immediate response to the question, “An object, a dead object!” I don’t know why I think that, after a second thought, “A puppeteer is a person/a human being, I got confused with myself mixing live and death. In the conversation, I realized the most interesting dancer I have seen now, it was the dancer who become the object. The artists who turn themselves becoming the art works. The writer who has made their writing becoming an object. But one thing, the live and the death is very clear to the artists who set and carry the tasks out. They don’t mix up the live and death, even their works give the confusion and blur your visions. To me, every move of an object is very simple, like the binary codes of “1” and “0”, very clear, very precise, very simple; like walking, left and right, or matching, speeding up of your move. Then, discovering a journey of life through the death object?


About liechen

Li-E Chen's current research and artistic development projects are around 'nothing', 'anti-matter', 'no records match this set of find requests'.

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