Li E Chen – Cloud Clock Love, 23 July 2011

Call For Participants from dance, visual arts, music, theatre, film, live art, mathematical logic, computer science, architecture, digital art and other artistic and non-artistic backgrounds.


3 SEPTEMBER – 4 SEPTEMBER 2011 (Sat & Sun)

Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 St George’s Road, Elephant & Castle, London SE1 6ER.

I would like to invite wide range of participants from multi-disciplinary backgrounds to a two-day durational experimental lab on ‘nothing’, Cloud Clock Love, at the Siobhan Davies Studios’s Roof Space.

Cloud Clock Love is a research and development project exploring a new understanding of ‘nothingness’ in postmodernity (/post-postmodernity). It grows out of my ongoing experiments and my dialogues with artists, directors, mathematicians, and others who have fuelled my fascination with making art pieces that go beyond representational meanings. The work on ‘Nothingness’ emerged from a short residency programme at the Chinese Arts Centre in 2009, and my creative leadership secondments at Improbable company, the Live Art Development Agency, my involvement in regular Devoted and Disgruntled events run by Improbable, and a discussion with Techching Hsieh about his work at the Manchester International Festival in 2009.

“Time is a notion of boundlessness.” Tehching Hsieh

It it it it…is…is…what it is.
Nothingness is beyond representational
Nothingness is beyond what we can explain
Nothingness is beyond what we can identify
Nothingness is beyond signs/symbol
What if truth is nothing at all?

The durational lab will begin with a series of experiments that utilize binary structures of numbers, texts/codes and spoken words with the aim of introducing “Nothingness” (conceived as that which involves no memory, no thinking, no information, no message and no emotion). Performance scores and different starting points will be explored. The laboratory aims to serve as a creative explorational platform to allow participants to exchange and explore new languages of movement from ‘nothing.’

For more information, please contact Li E Chen directly, email:, mobile: 07946 420 467, twitter: 1212360. (Please Do Not contact Siobhan Davies Studios for project details because this is a private independent project organised by Li E Chen.)

About Li E Chen

I am a conceptual artist, digital designer, director and founder of Jump+ ( My practice is interdisciplinary and includes installation, theatre, dance, visual arts, digital design for performance and art curatorial work. I have been working as a facilitator since 2004, including a three-year project – ‘Teamworks‘, which was funded by National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA), organised by National Theatre, and was part of Art of Regeneration at The Albany, Depford.


Thank you for signing up. I look forward to seeing you.

Li E Chen


About liechen

Li-E Chen's current research and artistic development projects are around 'nothing', 'anti-matter', 'no records match this set of find requests'.


  1. John cage lecture on something, “…About how something and ‘nothing’ are not opposed to each other but need each other to keep on going. … But since everything’s changing, art’s now going in and it is of the utmost important not to make a thing but rather to make ‘nothing’. And how is this done? Done by making something which then goes in and reminds us of ‘nothing’. It’s important that this something be just something, finitely something; then very simply it goes in and becomes infinitely ‘nothing’.”

  2. John Cage’s lecture on nothing, “most speeches are full of ideas. This one doesn’t have to have any. But at any moment an idea may come along. Then we may enjoy it.” “Structure without life is dead. But Life without structure is un-seen.”

  3. John Cage’s Lecture on Nothing, “…Slowly, as the talk goes on, slowly, we have the feeling we are getting nowhere. That is a pleasure which will continue. If we are irratated, it is not a pleasure. Nothing is not a pleasure if one is irritated, but suddenly, it is a pleasure, and then more and more it is not irritating (and then more and more and slowly). Originally we were nowhere; and now, again we are having the pleasure of being slowly nowehere. If anybody is sleepy, let him go to sleep.”

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