I am invisible now – book outline

I am invisible now will be my interactive ebook publication, which explores the role of 21st Century Leadership and my process of becoming “invisible” as a leader. This has developed through my 21st Century Leadership programme, which run by BAC in partnership with The Sage Gateshead and Watershed.This book will go really well together with the first publication which was published in March 2012 –I am your anti-matter.”

Book title: I am invisible now

Book Chapters Outline:

Intro: A role of 21st Century Leadership

Chapter 1: Independent Collaboration

i. Collaboration – Do not ask for permission
ii. Collaboration – Do not compromise

Chapter 2: I declared: I am invisible now.

Chapter 3: Inventing the future of Art and Culture

Chapter 4: 24 hours in Dreams

Chapter 5: A Journey of Becoming Invisible

Chapter 6: Architecture and Leadership


About liechen

Li-E Chen's current research and artistic development projects are around 'nothing', 'anti-matter', 'no records match this set of find requests'.

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