36 Studio

36 Studio
only just created, another new project that Li-E Chen is going to present for her 21st Century Leadership sharing.

people must loose tracks on what I am doing since the last time they met me…. I will launch 36 Studio if the sharing experiment goes well next week 17th -18th May 2012, at Battersea Arts Centre, London.

My vision 36 Studio can be simply run as what this image show below. The drawing is inspired from one of the outdoorinstallation and theatre:  BAC | BABEL which i saw last week. When i was there in the park, i was walking around these objects in rain. I love rain and these objects.. I don’t know what these objects are about, but i like them having lots of spaces in between lines, therefore i want to create 36 Studio as an online space that is same as this object.



About liechen

Li-E Chen's current research and artistic development projects are around 'nothing', 'anti-matter', 'no records match this set of find requests'.

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