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improbable – open space – Devoted & Disgruntled (D&D

Li E Chen - I am your anti-matterJoin me to Devoted & Disgruntled (D&D) and Open Space, facilitated by Improbable

D&D is an Open Space event that I first attended in 2008 during a leadership training programme – National Theatre’s “Step Change”.  Since then,  I have been to all the annual D&D and most of the small D&D monthly events.


Improbable utilise Harrison Owen’s principles of open space to facilitate D&D. As an artist who doesn’t fit into ‘boxes’ of artistic discipline I find Improbable’s way of facilitating open space (both live and online) give me many new possibilities to develop and create works that are not necessary fitting into the “boxes”.


In 2011, “I am your anti-matter” was created; “Cloud Clock Love” successfully received funding support from the National Lottery through Arts Council England; an online studio was created; a one-year durational laboratory was developed; a Collaborative Theatre Companies online platform was created after I accidentally sat on a chair with a small group of people… The list I could write would be practically endless… it would be like counting “the types of food that I have been eaten” since 2008.


Via Improbable’s open invitation D&D 7 annual event, I invite people to respond to my own responses to Improbable’s original invitation.

For more information on D & D visit the Improbable website.


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