2013 One-year durational laboratory on ‘nothing’



we do not know what it is; we do not know what is going to happen.
i want to make the kind of works where no one understands what i am doing


One-year durational laboratory on ‘nothing’
.                                                                .

27 october 2012 – 28 september 2013

(pre-laboratory event on 29 september 2012 from 3pm to 11pm)

at ]performance s p a c e [

6 Hamlet Industrial Estate, White Post Lane, London E9 5EN


27/10/2012    24/11/2012    29/12/2012
26/01/2013    23/02/2013    30/03/2013
27/04/2013    25/05/2013    29/06/2013
27/07/2013    31/08/2013    28/09/2013

an open durational laboratory for anyone who is interested in taking part – free to enter at any point during the year

.            . is a one year durational laboratory on nothing, occurring on a monthly basis for a 12 month period.
.            . begins on last saturday of every month for different periods of duration.
.            . is about giving yourself an opportunity to develop something where you have no idea what you are doing but are working only on the condition of ‘nothing’/ ‘not-knowing’.
.            . is about taking your own risks and being responsible for doing whatever you want to do.
.            . is about eating, sleeping and inventing works of your own.
.            . is about independent collaboration without limits on form, discipline and concept across the fine, performing and media arts.

.            .  has been developed from Li-E Chen’s research and development project Cloud Clock Love supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Cloud Clock Love was a durational laboratory on ‘nothing’ held at Siobhan Davies Studios in September 2011 and has evolved into an interactive e-book I am your anti-matter published by Li-E Chen in March 2012.


will have access to a free online studio space to continue to develop their work
will have access to a virtual factory on ‘nothing’
will receive digital training including publishing, design and social media.
can participate in all open post-laboratory talks
(note: some of this is conditional on a successful funding bid – no application process required – open to all)

sign up
via https://1yearlab.eventbrite.com

for more information | info@liechen.com | call +44 (0) 7946 420 467


hosts: Li-E Chen

Li-E Chen’s artistic practice is interdisciplinary, and over the last ten years her work has examined forms, disciplines, concepts, and techniques from across the fine, performing and media arts. Chen aims to create arts and performance that lie beyond the functional, political, traditional, historical, and representational, and that make no references to self, memory, identity, or meaning.

Her work uses a diverse array of experimental approaches that include numerical art, print and digital archives, installations, gesture and movement, sound art, durational work, interactive media, video, online artwork, performance in written, spoken and performed text, dramatic forms, and scientific, mathematical and relational art forms.


web links & blogs

Li-E Chen’s Website: http://www.liechen.com | One-year Lab aspaceonnothing via tumblr
]performance s p a c e [‘s Website: http://www.performancespace.org | aplaceofaction via tumblr



  1. Mark the date! Pre-laboratory event 29 September 2012 at ]performance s p a c e [

    just turn up, no need to book – from 12pm to 12am on 29 September 2012.

  2. news september 2012 – #openlectures | 1 year lab | Performing the Change – http://eepurl.com/pAglb

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